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Ask me anything   Submit   THIS BLOG CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL AND IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN. ANY COPYRIGHTED WORK WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY AT THE REQUEST OF THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER. Everyone on here is 18+ My pics are at the start of the blog!! Secret 23 year old UK sissy here form London. I love my gf's cloths and her huge dildos....when she is out! Love small penis humiliation and huge, thick black cocks. Size matters and sissys deserve to be humiliated. If you hung in London and fancy a straight ass to play with let me know ;) If you have requests and want photos or me to ruin my straight ass whilst you watch and record on cam let me know too ;) Exposers very welcome xxx Sissy Laura xx hit counter
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Me soft and hard. Size does not matter to most girls though. Right??!

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